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 Disc Bulge


Orthopedics is a very specialized branch of medicine. Orthopedic doctors are actually orthopedic surgeons. Many patients mistakenly think that they need an orthopedic surgeon to evaluate their physical problems.

My office specializes in the treatment of many standard ‘orthopedic conditions’ such as back pain, disc injuries, neck pain, shoulder pain and knee pain. Before you see a standard orthopedic surgeon for an orthopedic consultation (which is essentially a surgical consultation) it makes a lot more sense to see what standard treatments can do for you before you consider the orthopedic surgeon route. A vast majority of these orthopedic conditions can be successfully treated and oftentimes resolved without surgery.

My office is very unique in that it utilizes a combination of medical care, physical therapy and chiropractic treatments to evaluate and treat conditions of the back, neck, disc injuries, shoulder and knee pain. We have an extremely high success rate in treating these conditions without needing to resort to surgery. If your orthopedic condition rises to a level that does not respond to our conservative treatments we work cooperatively with the local Harford County orthopedic doctors as well as the Baltimore orthopedic doctors if a surgical consultation ever does become necessary.

At the top of this page you will see a button that will offer you an appointment in my office. If you are ready to be seen right now you can schedule an appointment and be seen today. If you are still a bit hesitant I also offer a consultation over the telephone. Please give my office a call I look forward to hearing from you




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"I have known Dr. Pinelli for over 10 years. He is the expert you want to see for all of your back pain needs."
- Frances Pisciotta, M.D.-

"Dr. Pinelli is the best doctor I have ever seen. He takes a lot of time to get to know his patients. I recommend him to all my family and friends."
- Jim N. - Bel Air, MD-